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Is Your Sales Tax Software Living Up to the Hype?
Introducing Tax as a Service (TaaS) – An All-in-One Sales Tax Software and Consulting Service

“Never worry about sales tax again.” That’s what the software sales rep told me, and that’s what I believed. Then the audit assessment came in. Now I’m redoing the work, I’m behind, and my CFO is upset. What went wrong?

Software is only part of the answer. Plugging-in sales tax calculations and filing take a village of implementation, training, and ongoing in-house tax expertise as well as IT support. Technology must be coupled with tax expertise. There are no magic shortcuts.

Sales tax rates are at an all-time high, and there are 11,000+ jurisdictions in the United States. Can you afford a mistake?

What if you could outsource this work instead of relying on licensed software and hiring more staff to run that software? Ryan’s all-in-one sales tax software and consulting service begins with an expert analysis to determine your needs. We help you customize a solution, so you can register, collect, file, and remit tax on time. If a voluntary disclosure is required, we’ve got you covered.

Attend our session and learn how these services can change how you think about your sales tax operations and what it can mean for your company, department, and yourself.

Topics Being Covered:
• Overview of Wayfair, including various state collection thresholds
• Overview of complexity of tax determinations
• Overview of Ryan’s proprietary software and reporting tools
• Overview of sales tax compliance process
• Understand costs of managing sales tax in your organization
• Understand how TaaS can provide you lower and more predictable costs of ownership for your post-Wayfair obligations


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