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Outsource Sales and Use Tax Exemption Certificate Collection, Validation, Storage, and Reporting to Ryan
Let Ryan experts validate your current customer exemptions or completely take over managing the exemption certificate management (ECM) process. This task can be time consuming and challenging, and an inconsistent ECM process may leave you facing significant tax exposure in the event of an audit. While establishing a standardized ECM process to manage the collection, validation, and reporting of exemption certificates to mitigate audit exposure for missing or incomplete documentation may be a priority, your lean tax department lacks the bandwidth to efficiently utilize automation. Ryan’s ECM outsourcing service is powered by ControlPoint, a market-leading ECM solution that allows our tax professionals to:

• Review exemption certificates on file and produce a report showing accepted and rejected certificates.
• Perform certificate refresh campaigns to collect and validate certificates for tax-exempt customers with missing or deficient documentation.
• Establish an ongoing process to manage renewals and expirations for existing customers, as well as onboard new customers.

Join us to learn about Ryan’s sales and use tax exemption certificate validation and collection services.


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